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Ways To Transform Filipino Money Mindset

Why most Filipinos are poor?
It cannot be denied that most Filipino families rate themselves as poor. Last year's self-rated poverty among Filipinos rose to 46% from 44% in 2016. It's as if, every year Filipinos self-rated poverty increases. 
But first, let us discuss how a family can be considered as poor.  According to SWS or Social Weather Station, P6000 must be the food budget for a family to be considered as not poor. In Mindanao, it should be P5000 and P7500 in Metro Manila. This is for the average number of Filipino family member has. 
Most Filipinos would reason out that their salaries are not enough. That they are underpaid and consumables are constantly rising. This might be a hundred percent fact, but is this reason enough for Filipinos to end up being poor?
Let us dig deeper and evaluate what could be done to change our practice and find ways to transform Filipino money mindset.

Ways To Transform Filipino Money Mindset Change of mindset Filipinos have this "h…

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